NEA update – Sampling and Data presentation.

No doubt you have by now spent considerable time considering the different methods you will use to collect data. This is valuable and important as methods are the salient factor in determining the accuracy of the data and subsequent conclusion therefore weaknesses in the methods reduce the certainty of the conclusions. However, in a similarContinue reading “NEA update – Sampling and Data presentation.”

Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Notes on The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security – Edexcel Geography A-level The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security Checklist Carbon Cycle and Energy Worksheets Energy Model Essays Evaluate the extent to which todays increasing demand for energy is the most important factor modifying the carbon cycle – MODEL Carbon_Cycle_- DRAFT BOOK LowRes CarbonCycleBackground    

Bridging the Development Gap

Checklist 1) What is the nature of the ‘development gap’? How has it arisen? How can we measure the global development gap and what are the impacts of using different measurements? What role does ethnicity of religion play in the development gap? How does wealth accumulate in unequal ways? How do different global groups helpContinue reading “Bridging the Development Gap”

SuperPower Revision Notes

Revision Check List 1) Who are the superpowers and how does their power develop over time? How can superpowers be defined? How do superpowers exert their influence? How has the balance of power changed overtime? How do superpowers maintain their influence? How can theories be used to explain superpowers? 2) What impacts and influence doContinue reading “SuperPower Revision Notes”

Biodiversity Under Threat Notes

Topic 3: Biodiversity under Threat- REVISION NOTES What do I need to know? Ways in which biodiversity can be defined Key processes and factors that influence biodiversity Global distribution of biodiversity and biodiversity hotspots The value of ecosystems The distribution of threatened areas Global factors threaten biodiversity The impact of these threats on ecosystem processesContinue reading “Biodiversity Under Threat Notes”

Research Links and Files

Factfiles Himalayas and the Pacific Plate Volcanic Hazards Supervolcanoes Formation of Island Arcs Reasons for Earthquake differences Plate tectonics and Continental drift Japan Earthquake 2011 Volcanic Activity Detailed wilson cycle Mount Pinatubo 19991 Mount Sinabung eruption, 2014 Haiti Earthquake 2010 Christchurch Earthquake, 2011 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Boxing day 2004 Weblinks Fundamentals of Physical Geography FourContinue reading “Research Links and Files”